Swordquest Calendar, SNES proto and get ready for the VGH

Coolnewstuff is selling cool new stuff (I’m so funny!) Atari related, like this nice ATARI SWORD QUEST EARTH WORLD PROMO ZODIAC CALENDAR

We’re almost there, the second edition of our very own videogames’expo will be held from 23 to 25 May in Monza. If you’re not too far away, you have to pay a visit, just like we did in Las Vegas!
This time we will have twice the space and the museum will be like no others in Italy, believe me 😀
Check the official page of VGH – Video Games History. It’s written in italian, but you can translate it online. We’re taking this event very seriously, much more than the first and very successful edition. Tournaments with big prizes, ex programmers, mag editiors…and free play for everyone.
We will have a lot of fun (and I’ll be wasted at the end).
I’ve even found some videos on YouTube regarding the 2006 edition. Here you have two of them:
First one
Second one

Other stuff:
Sharp X1 Turbo KGB Series Nintendo Famicom Creator Obscurity
SNES X-Men Spiderman Arcade’s Revenge proto relisted
Goldeneye 64 Promotional Pre-Launch Pamphlet
MODDED DOUBLE SID – GOLD Commodore 64 for Prophet64/MSSIAH Synth

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