This was a triumph

shirt.woot has a Portal inspired shirt today for $10 (free s/h to U.S.). It’ll probably sell out by the end of the day.

Wear this shirt: because you missed a chance to buy this one. It’s perfectly understandable though. It was only on sale for 97 straight weeks. Anyone could have missed it.

Don’t wear this shirt: in the black forest. Especially not during hunting season! You should always wear proper orange vests so no one mistakes you for an animal.

This shirt tells the world: “Why does nobody ever make jokes about the other option? You know, the grief counseling? See? You want to talk about a lie? That’s the REAL lie in this game! And everybody just ignores it completely to talk about the cake! That’s exactly what they WANT you to do! Sheep! All of you, sheep!”

We call this color: And Somewhere Else Gordon Freeman’Slate For Work


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