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Tons Of Rare Promo Items

eBaay seller kefkasdomain has a ton of really rare stuff up for grabs in their store, kefka in Game Paradise. A large portion of it is overpriced in my opinion, but they are extremely rare promo items. There’s too much to post here, but I’ll showcase a few of my favorites. You should also know there was a five cent listing day recently. I have a feeling that has something to do with why these are up.

Super Mario World Soundtrack

super mario world SNES soundtrack cd

Final Fantasy 7 Bus Poster

final fantasy 7 bus poster

Chrono Cross Music Box

chrono cross music box

Final Fantasy VI Porn

final fantasy 3 Iv porn

Super Mario 3 Happy Meal Display

super mario 3 happy meal display

Super Mario RPG Trading Cards

super mario rpg trading cards

Nintendo Cassette Boy Walkman

nintendo cassette boy walkman

Tons of other stuff too. Definitely worth a look.


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