Too Many Games Presents Game Core – September 12th 2009

Game Core used to be called Too Many Games, and was a long running convention in the Reading PA area. The convention has predominantly been a video game convention along the lines of the Philly Classic Gaming Convention. Game Core has always had a huge marketplace with all the new and classic games you could ever want. From Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for Xbox to Flintstones 2 for NES. This year Game Core is branching out to table top, pen and paper, CCG’s, Anime, classic and new toys. A marketplace where a true geek could find anything they ever wanted.

Along with the huge marketplace there will be an interactive video game museum from Pong to PS2 most available to try out. There will also be Sound Bytes Live, a video game music concert with bands such as Super 8 Bit Brothers, Armadillo Tank, and many more. There will be tournaments for video games, Magic The Gathering, and other non plugged in games.

Game Core has something for everyone!



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