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Unleaked Game Boy Cart – Now Leaked!

Most of the time, demonstration software consists of typical game play footage with a few short game demos and maybe some system information (think XBOX Kiosk discs). Occasionally you’ll just have a full retail game marked “Not For Resale” (think Nintendo DS NFS carts).

What we have here though, it something a little differnt. This is a system demonstration cart, used to promote the Game Boy Color at launch.
It’s not at all interactive, just a mix of crazy animations and game
previews with some oddly amusing music. I assume this was used to showcase the “powerhouse” capabilities of the new system.

Unreleased Game Boy Demo Kisok Cart

Used in display Kiosks, this particular cart has been found in Germany.
It’s been dumped with a Bung GB XChanger, (pretty decent device) by Nicola.

We’ve been unable to find this ROM elsewhere, so it is presumably unleaked… until now!

Load this up in your favorite emulator, and feel the power of next gen gaming!


Download ROM Here


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