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Vintage Sega T-Shirts

For the second time this year we have a former employee selling a ton of old gaming tees. funkydunguk has an assortment of hats and Tees, but the highlights are the Sega stuff.

My favorites include:

Sega Dreamcast Shenmue – Shenmue written on the front in Japanese Katakana and a white circular design on the back, like the dragon/phoenix mirrors. From the Tokyo Game Show in 1998.

Segaworld Sonic the Hedgehog – Made to promote the opening of Segaworld at the Trocadero Centre in London’s Piccadilly Circus in 1996.

1994 Jef United Goalkeeper Shirt – Official goalkeeper’s shirt for Japanese J-League team Jef United (JR East Furukawa), from the 1994 season, made by Mizuno. Silky material in bright red, yellow and white, with Sega sponsorship on the front, complete with image of Sonic the Hedgehog. J-League and Ichihara badges stitched on right sleeve. Large white number 1 on the back.

See all the auctions here.

Part of me hates vinatge gaming tees. I feel like I should be framing them, but I want to wear them. I`m still rocking a Dreamcast Rayman shirt that is falling to peices. Althogh I haven`t seen it in some time and now have a sneaky suspicion my wife may have `misplaced` it.

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