Want to Star in Halo 3?

Well, *star* is probably not the right word. But if you’ve got over $3000 and can get to Hollywood before May 15th, you can voice one of the characters.
Expensive as hell, but possibly one of the coolest auctions I’ve seen all year. Imagine the glory of 0wning n00bs on XBOX Live and having them recognize your voice. Priceless.

I certainly hope though, that it’ll be more than a fifteen second bit for whoever wins. That would suck immensity.
Still too rich for your blood? Last chance, justify it as a business expense and claim you’re trying to jump start a career in voice acting.

Want something cheaper? How about a tour of the Bungie studio and a life sized Master Chief statue.

The seller has bunch of different items up for charity, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Guitar Heroes stuff signed by their creators. Also, they have this awesome signed World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade expansion pack.

I call this an investment. For $40.00 you can’t go wrong, and all the Blizzard fanboys will ensure that you can resell it for more if you’re ever so inclined.

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