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Zelda: Majora’s Mask NFR N64 Demo Cart

Unfortunately it’s a reserve auction, but there seems to be a lot of interest in this Zelda cart, even with 1/5 of the front sticker missing.

From Seller:

You’re looking at an extremely rare video game. This is the gray Majora’s Mask Not For Resale Demo cartridge. This cart was used in store kiosks for customers to demo weeks or more before the game’s official retail release. This is widely thought to be the rarest Not For Resale game for the N64 as well as the rarest non-prototype Nintendo 64 game out there.

The game contains a DEMO menu where you can choose from 8 different locations in the game (although the whole game’s world is nearly explorable since you can travel from one of the 8 locations to anywhere else). The game also contains beta content that was changed before the game’s final release such as: Tons of early English translations from Japanese, beta sounds, the number “12” on the game’s clock is a “0” instead, etc.

If I don’t get a reasonable offer this will not be re-posted for a long while. These don’t appear for sale often!

Zelda Auction Here


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Small rant: I wish ebay would force view-counters in all auctions… just saying.

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