Zork II Users Group Mail Order Poster

This is an original Zork II The Wizard of Frobozz art poster. Condition isn’t the best, but there were only 50 of these produced to begin with, the map is dated 1983 and artwork was done by Pier Giovanni Binotti.

Zork Users Group?

Mike Dornbrook started the Zork Users Group in October of 1981. He had been working at the MIT Lab for Computer Science and part-time for Infocom as the game-tester (their first paid employee). When Infocom began selling games in 1980, he began answering requests for hints. He convinced Infocom to produce the map and poster for Zork I. In September 1981, Mike left Cambridge to attend the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Before leaving, Infocom offered to allow him to set up the Users Group to continue supporting the games. Mike accepted and planned to run the operation from his dormitory room in Chicago… It was a small, frugal operation for the first six to nine months. The mailing list of about 1000 names was kept on 3″ x 5″ cards… With the introduction of InvisiClues, the expansion of Infocom’s product line, and the growth of personal computers, demands on the Zork Users Group were growing. After Mike and his parents spent three weeks printing and typing 4000 mailing labels by hand for the August 1982 mailing, it became clear that the Zork Users Group needed to join the computer age… Desperate Zorkers have been known to call Infocom in the middle of the night from as far away as Australia.

Eventually, they were folded into Infocom.

Auction Here – As a reference, this Infocom Zork II Dungeon Guide Map sold for $400+ in December.


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