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100 Neo Geo AES Cart Collection

Sorry I`ve been away for a little bit, but back again as of today. Thanks for everyone who submitted auctions as of late, there is a lot of those here as I catch up on emails. I still have a few more to sort through as well.

Today`s feature is this massive Neo Geo lot.

From the auction:

I’ve been Buying/Collecting Neo Geo games since 1993, and even though its been fun, its time for me to move on. I just don’t have the time anymore. I don’t even play them much, so I’m sure someone else will benefit from them more than me. I used to have a lot more, but slimmed down the collection some years ago, and probably have more games stored somewhere if I can be bothered to look for them.

One very important thing to note. With the exception of Prehistoric Isle 2 (Which was not released on the Neo Geo Home Cart platform), every game in my collection is an original. No conversions like many of the carts being sold on eBay these days from France etc. Also, many of the games were bought brand new by myself personally…….. and some of the older games were New old Stock.

The lack of conversions is an important note. However, a couple of Neo Geo forums suspect there are more conversions here than the seller lets on. You figure the seller would include more than just shots of the spines for the big money titles too.

Auction Here

My Neo Geo knowledge is pretty miserable, BUT I think there`s something like $30,000 worth of games in this auction.

Gameboy 10 Sealed Games Lot
NES Pirate – Looks like a Fami cart, from the description though it sounds like a 72 pin.
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP store kiosk display “Donkey Kong – King of Swing”
260 In 1 NES Cart – Another pirate, with a lot of bidding on it.
Infinate Space T-Shirt – Side note, I want to play this game.
Resonance of Fate (End of Eternity) T-Shirt
Sony PSP Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Hunter Bundle Pack
Gameboy Light Pokemon Center Edition
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Yellow Pikachu System
Banpresto Nintendo Donkey Kong Watch
Namco 50th Anniversary Press Retail Kit


Megaman X2 PAL
– SEALED! Not really, just has the cellophone on and it’s only open on one side.
Megaman X3 PAL – Same as above.
Super Nintendo Burn-In Test Cartridge Controller
Virtua Tennis Inflatable Promo Tennis Ball for Sega Dreamcast

Thanks Scorpion, Rob, Tony, Stephen, Rothdeutsch, Dave, Chris, Rich,


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