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Mario Bros. Arcade Cabinet

One of the few ways someone might ever be able to play one of these cabinets is if they hopped into a DeLorean and went back to the 1980’s. The chance to own this cabinet from what is generally accepted as the most iconic video game series of all time is amazing. The drawback? You’re going to have to pick this up in Illinois. Although I am no expert on arcade cabinets, it looks to be in very good condition, and would probably complete your man-cave. The bidding ends May 10th, so anyone who is seriously interested should look into it.

 Auction for the arcade cabinet

Here are some more items that would look great in a game room or man-cave

Light up Nintendo sign

Neon Nintendo 64 sign

Fallout: New Vegas neon sign

Diablo 3 standee

ET The Video Game standee – Synonymous for being one of the worst video games of all time, and now you can own part of its history!

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance standee

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D standee – The standee is also partially 3D!

Max Payne 2 standee – I think this would look great if the bottom half with the pictures and platforms was cut off, and the top was put into a frame to make it look like a movie poster

Cloud Strife Final Fantasy 7 Pepsi standee – I’m not sure if this was a promotion between Square Enix and Pepsi, but it is still strange to see this.

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