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17 Best Nintendo Auctions of 2012

Below are what I consider to be some of the most interested sales, auctions and listings for Nintendo games (all systems) during 2012.

1. Wildwaters Extreme Kayak X-Stream Unreleased N64 Game

Wildwaters (also know as “Extreme Kayak” and “X-Stream”) was a cancelled racing game that was in development by Looking Glass Studios for the Nintendo 64 in 1998 / 1999.

The project was announced at E3 1999 by Ubisoft (that was interested as a publisher) while the studio was working on Destruction Derby 64 (published in the same year), but sadly it was never finished.

Itwas very promising as Looking Glass were able to create an engine with real physics running for the waterflow through the river on an N64, but it needed more time and love which eventually ran out. Five different gameplay modes, including Arcade, Time Trial, Championship, Finals and Versus Battle were planned for the game.

Some months later, on May 2000, Looking Glass Studios went out of business during a financial crisis related to their publisher at the time, Eidos Interactive.

The only known prototype sold in January 2012 for $1,600. Since then, the ROM has been dumped and made available.

2. Mini Racers Nintendo 64 Unreleased Prototype Game

Mini Racers is a cancelled 96Mbit multiplayer racing game that was also in development by Looking Glass Studios . The project was announced in 1998, but unfortunately it was delayed many times and in the end in was never released. Mini Racers was going to have a strong multiplayer mode, similar to Micromachines or RC PRO-AM, for up to four players.

It had several game modes in single and multiplayer, including a track editor to create your own course, and a random track generator. The radio-controlled cars could be given a turbo boost with a press of the Z button. N64 Magazine played an early version are voiced their frustration at the poor camera, though when they next played it at Spaceworld 1999 they noted the angle and viewing distance were now configurable and could even be played in a top-down view. Most likely the game was cancelled because it was shown in the final days of the Nintendo 64, when the new 128-bit consoles were almost out.

The only known prototype sold in March 2012 for $2,938.00. The ROM has also been released as well.

3. Tamiya Racing Unreleased Nintendo 64 Prototype

This is the third unreleased game auctioned off from the same seller and when this was listed there was absolutely ZERO information on the game out there anywhere. According to the auction, the game is from Intermetrics, associated with Looking Glass Studios. The label had No Gamma written on on. The seller also thought it was very similar to the unreleased Mini Racers.

It is probably an unfinished sample due to the lack of finesse and functionality. Aside from the questionable camera angles and very sensitive controls, Tamiya Racing seems to only contain one level.

This sold for $1,358.33 in Feb. 2012. Like the other two, it has since been dumped.

4. Street Fighter II 2 Turbo New Sealed PAL Metal Tin Edition

Long time gameSniped readers know I love SNES era Limited and Special Editions. The PAL only Metal Tin SFII is somewhat hard to find, but easy enough to pick up with some patience. Usually for under $40.00 as well. This was the first time I saw a sealed version however.

Sold for $1,935.90 in Nov 2012.

5. Sealed Super Mario World SNES PAL Yellow Box

PAL SNES games seem to rarer than their NSTC counterparts by default. However, I was still amazed at this sale.

Sold in Nov 2012 for $13,170.44

6. Legend of Zelda Nintendo GameCube Prototype Controller

It’s an officially licensed controller by NubyTech and Nintendo. NubyTech released the Mega Man Nintendo GameCube controller, but decided against releasing the GameCube Zelda Controller due to higher costs.

This controller was to be released in an oversized “book” box.  The proto is non functional but has a little leather outfit at the bottom end of the controller and was an expensive mock-up done when the licensing was ongoing.

According to the seller who often deals in such materials, they only know of two of these that exist and have never seen the second one.

Sold in Feb. 2012 for $2,500.

7. Complete US NTSC Super Nintendo Collection

A complete SNES collection is no small feat, even loose. To date, I only know of three that have actually been offered for sale. I believe all times the seller eventually parted their collections out.

The seller is actually byuu, creator of the SNES emulator bsnes. He acquired the set in his quest to make sure each game was emulated perfectly in bsnes, and has personally dumped each rom as well.

Surprisingly, he didn’t go cart only and the entire set is boxed, with around 85% complete with manual. The original BIN / OBO was reasonable too. Around 33.50 a game counting the handful of duplicates included.

Auction Is Still Here, No Buyer Yet

8. Original SNES Campus Challenge

Mike of GameGavel has spent the year courting a lot of high end auctions such as this cart. In 1992 Nintendo created another nationwide contest after the success of the 1990 NWC and the 1991 NCC. This was the first official competition cart made for the Super Nintendo. The event traveled to around 35 different college campuses where thousands of students battled for a chance to compete for the next Nintendo World Championships title. To compete, gamers had to grab 50 coins in Super Mario World, finish two laps on the first track in F-Zero, and reach the highest score they could in Pilotwings, all before time ran out. At the event all three games were combined into a special cartridge made specifically for the 1992 SNCC. Almost all of these cartridges were destroyed.

Sold for $6,000 in Nov. 2012.

9. Original NES Captain Comic Source Code Floppy Disk

This was listed for $300 but did not sell. It’s 3.5″ Floppy Disc that includes the Source Code for the Nintendo NES Color Dreams game Captain Comic. This is dated 11/7/89 and was acquired directly from the current owner of Wisdom Tree/Color Dreams and included a signed document proving it’s authenticity. It was tested to function and still includes all of the original data on it.

10. NES 1990 NWC Nintendo World Championships Competition Cartridge #311 VGA 85+

Now, I’m not a fan of VGA to begin with. Nor do I agree with the grading of items like these, protos etc. It is smart on the sellers behalf though, as VGA items have become accepted enough to lend credibility to sales.

Sold for $8,356.00 in Dec. 2012.

1990 NWC Nintendo World Championships Gold Competition Cart – VGA GRADED 85

This one got a lot of hate (on here at least) when it was listed. While nothing I would ever do, it is an interesting idea and certainly got a lot of attention.

Relisted at $27,000 several times, no bidders.

11. The Ultimate Nintendo Power Collection

From Howard Phillips, Nintendo’s original “Gamemaster” who worked at Nintendo from 1981 to 1991. During that time one of his many roles at Nintendo was Senior Editor of Nintendo Power magazine. I remember him best from the in the magazine comic, “Howard & Nester”.

Lots of goodies in the auction, but the highlight is the original Howard and Nester Tetris block models used in the photo shoot for the Jan / Feb ’90 issue – An Adventure In Tetris World.

Relisted several times and finally sold for $3,000.

12. Rare Nintendo 64 Turok Rage Wars Grey Variant

A seller listed a case (120) of these in Feb. 2012 for $12.99 each. They quickly sold out.

It seems this may have been a replacement for a recall Nintendo had on the origional cart, due to an in-game glitch.

A couple sources hint that this cart was offered as a fixed replacement for those who sent in their black cart back to Nintendo. Seeing as the game probably wasn’t a huge success, followed by the fact that the black cart glitch only affected co-op, these replacements were likely in very low demand. I can’t find any sources of anyone that’s seen/owned the grey cart before now. There’s a very slim chance that it was never released, but that’s just speculation for now until people come forward with NTSC greys that weren’t purchased from the recent seller. In any case it’s a very rare cart variant.

Since the original listings, many have been flipped at prices from $99.00 – $227.50

13. Complete Japanese Game Boy Advance Cartridge Set

This was pretty awesome, the complete 795 game set. At roughly $7.00 a cart it may be a bit expensive, but definitely not insane – buyer has OBO too.

Fun fact: Final Fantasy VI Advance was the last Japanese GBA game, released November 2006, the last Nintendo-published game for the system.

Still available, for $5,104.00.

14. Nintendo R. O. B. Light Up Store Display

This is by far, my all time favourite display. I had never seen one before this year either.

Sold for $7,100.00 in July 2012.




15. The Legend of Zelda NES Nintendo Prototype

I really don’t know what to say about this one. Another item I don’t really like, but it certainly is noteworthy. Worth the sale price? That argument is kind of pointless, as it was for a least one person.

Sold for $55,000.00 in Aug. 2012.

16. Final Fantasy II NES Demo/Sample

The Zelda sale lured this one out into the open. This is the only known legitimate copy of the NSTC version of Final Fantasy II.

Remained unsold at $50,000 OBO.



17. NES Tengen Tetris Prototype – Licensed by Nintendo

This is pretty cool. It was a review copy sent to EGM directly from Tengen. It’s a prototype of the Tengen Version of Tetris which states Licensed by Nintendo on the title screen.

The label reads “Tetris Property of TENGEN INC. #4 Prototype:”. It’s housed in a modified Duck Hunt Cartridge. The EPROMs are protected with a thick tape and the cartridge is glued together to prevent piracy and or duplication.

After being listed for $45,000.00 OBO, it later ended up on GameGavel with a high bid of $1,500. That was under the reserve however, and the game remains unsold.

Honerable Mentions:

EarthBound for Super Nintendo VGA Qualified 85+ CIB -$4,700.00
SNES Metal Warriors SNES Sealed – $3,050.00
Super Nintendo NES Value Pak Factory Sealed – $1,299.99
SNES Mickey Playtown Adventure Unreleased Prototype – $238.02
Nintendo M82 Store Display Demo Kiosk with Full Size Arcade-style Cabinet – $4,550.00
Jack Bros Virtual Boy Nintendo Sealed NSTC
N64 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time PAL Special Edition – $3.304.23 
Complete N64 Collection – Unsold
SNES M.C.A.S. Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator Light Gun – $1,025.00
SNES M.C.A.S. Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator Cartridge – $660.00
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Scroll – $474.98
Starfox E3 “N” Gold N64 Controller – $571.50
E3 97 Star Fox 64 Competion Controller – $1,100.00
The Millennium 2000 Controller, The Nintendo Power 100 Gold Controllerband the DK 64 Banana Controller – $1,025.00
Sealed SNES Super Copa – $4,049.00
NES Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events – $14,890.00
Nintendo NES Stadium Events (NTSC) VGA Sealed – Unsold at $500,000.00


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