NES Nintendo Ghoul School Developer’s Design Notes, Source Code & More

This is truly a one of a kind auction.

This unique lot includes all extant software and developers notes, original graphic files, source code, etc. The seller, also the designer of the game, will autograph any of the materials for the winning bidder if requested at no additional charge.

(Google “bogleech ghoul school” to read about the history of this game in the developer’s interview)

Specific items in this lot, as pictured, clockwise from upper left.:

1 – Oversize handwritten map of first world, the school hallway system 50″ by 30″.
2 – Trade show advertising handout, color print 13″ high 10″ wide.
3 – Printout of Nintendo Age interview with Ghoul School’s designer and programmer.
4 – Complete design map of Ghoul School worlds, all 130 rooms, connections, challenges, findable items, etc., fine mechanical pencil on 8-1/2 x 11.
5 – Source code and original graphics files on 5-1/5″ floppy disks (MS-DOS backup format) plus unpacked files on USB memory, below).
6 – Developer’s original notebook, containing original game concept, pitch, to Imagineering, elaborated and complete design including elements changed or eliminated in final game, layouts, tables, etc.
7 – Actual Nintendo cartridge of released game issued to designer.
8 – USB drive containing source code, graphic files, folder structure, etc., of most of the original development environment.
9 – Box cover design sample color prints 5″ x 7″.
10 – Original galleys of game manual (legal size 8-1/2″ x 14″, 19 sheets, 2 pages per sheet, includes box design).


– All or almost all of the files used to create the Ghoul School game are included, though it’s possible one or a very few files no longer exist.
– This lot should be considered a historical record of the design and development of this game. The complete development environment cannot be included because custom tools developed by Imagineering, Inc. cannot be released because of copyright.

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