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1980’s Super Mario Bros Shasta Pop Can

I’m sure 1980’s Cans are not exactly common to begin with, but according to the seller these had a little help.

The cans had a contest were you could look inside and see something in the bottom of the can to see if you won a prize. The problem was (at least in our area) is that the printing was usually off to the side making it unable to see so you had to destory it to see if you won! Probably why there are so few around today, also because most people did not save cans, guess I was a born collector.

Seller also gets bonus points for the random wall of ET 2600 carts in the photo.



Vintage 1981 Pac-Man Patch – $1.75 BIN.
Qbert’s Qubes Complete CIB Atari 2600 – More pricey 2600 stuff.
Several Pirate GB Carts – GameGavel
Nintendo 64 SharkByte Keycard for Quest 64 – Cheap BIN.
Massive Fallout Statue – Bidding is already high.


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