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1990 NWC Staff Jumpsuit

I know Nintendo World Championship Carts and related paraphernalia have become quite desirable among many collectors over the past few years. So I’m sure there’s a few people out there that are as excited as me in seeing this NWC Staff Jumpsuit up for auction. The seller states: This Auction is for one 1990 Nintendo World Championship Staff Jumpsuit. This was one of the jumpsuits worn by the employees that worked on the championship tour. There were two different color jumpsuits for this event, the one in this auction is the BLUE suit. From my understanding there were about 100 of each color made and the employees wore them at each event. This jumpsuit was on the tour for about 5 months and was worn by only one person (a friend of mine). When the tour was over she was allowed to keep the suit.

Basically, a super cool item for a very memorable event. I vaguely remember seeing an orange jumpsuit up for sale once upon a time that was from the event, though that was probably circa 2004-2005 and it didn’t hit $200. Times have changed in the collecting world though, so I would be far from suprised if this fetches significantly more.

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