Here I am, back from the CGE! But I’m wasted, so I’ll write more later!

Now what I’ve found today, just a bare listing without descriptions!



Dreamcast press sheets: Geomatrix, Q Bert, NFL 2K1, F1 World Grand Prix, Confidential mission

development discs: development disc: MTV music gen 3, Wrath Unleashed, Midnight Club, Smash Court tennis 98%, Wakeboarding Unleashed for PS2; Worms 3D, December 2004 External Recovery disc, Dark Alliance II for XBOX; Soldier of Fortune for Dreamcast

SNES MACS Moving Target Simulator & Gun

Atari 2600 protos: Mario Bros, Sorcerer, Pigs in Space, Pitfall, Stampede

Protos: Out of Gas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Amazing Penguin, Missile Command, Primal Rage for Game Boy; Ninja Gaiden III for NES; Glover for N64

Panasonic R*E*A*L 3DO Console: Testing Station FZ-1J

NR Reader

PS2 Tool

PS2 dev stuff, HDD, software & Manuals


Original Drawing ATARI NINJA Cover Illustration

52 Disney Video Game Concept Art Production Samples

Bluth DRAGON’S LAIR Animation Drawing of DIRK

Atari 2600 protos: Ms Pac-Man, Vanguard, Soccer, Tennis

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Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.

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Sega TeraDrive

Bioshock LE Collector’s Set