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Sega TeraDrive

We’ve got some rare hardware in the showcase today.

TeraDrive you ask?

The TeraDrive was a 16-bit PC with an integrated Mega Drive, manufactured by IBM for Sega. The system was only released in Japan, as Sega was hopeful that by integrating its then popular Mega Drive console into an IBM PC would be an attraction for potential customers wishing to purchase a PC. The system however proved unpopular with the Japanese market and ultimately failed, as the components used within the system were near obsolete, with the PC’s CPU already 2 generations behind what was available on the market. A new PC was also in the discussion stages to be developed by Sega, but this likely never got past the discussion stages due to the failure of the TeraDrive.

The TeraDrive allowed for Mega Drive games to be played the same time as the PC section is being used, as it is possible for the Mega Drive and PC hardware to interact with each other. It’s interface consisted of a start-up menu with several options, including a file manager, DOS, a clock and Mega Drive mode. There is very little English information known about the TeraDrive or about software development on the platform, with any known information relatively scarce.

Production numbers are also unknown. The system is moderately rare in Japan, although prices are rising rapidly due to collector demand. Grabbing one for $400 is still better than the $1100 to $2240 one would have cost origionally.

(Thanks Daniel)

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