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3 Systems Kmart Kiosk

It’s quite rare to see these kiosk that featured several current generation consoles (at that time). I’m pretty sure Nintendo or Sony or even Microsoft wouldn’t want their pretty little systems associated with a competitor let alone two.

This 3 system kiosk was from a closing Kmart years ago according to the seller.

I bought this some years ago from a Big K-Mart that was going out of business near me. I had been in the store a number of times and had always seen and played this exact display many times. My aunt worked at the store and told me they were going to sell it. She immediately got my name on the top of the list, of the people who wanted to buy it, and I have had it in my room since.

I definitely saw this one of these at their stores. They usually sit at the end of the aisle for people to see. Kmart really didn’t give a crap about these as years went by that the demos for each system featured the same exact game that of few years back. Anyways, the item probably weighs closer to 500-600 lbs. and unfortunately, the seller says its pickup only.


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