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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Event Pictures

For lack of better ideas for fathers day, I decided to just go to this event today. The previous Zelda event, which was the Spirit Tracks for DS, was not really that great. I wouldn’t even call that one an event. They had a scavenger hunt, and the world’s largest TriForce logo created by a guy who ironically calls himself Triforce (he apparently legally changed his name to that – search google). But overall, it was an ok event.

They held a raffle in this area for the scavenger hunt. The winners won these black Zelda backpacks (they also sold them in the store).

They finally had some of these K’Nex Mario Kart’s in stock. The last time I was there they were all gone. I was told there will be a play event next month when they roll out the bigger sets. We’re definitely go there for that.

The really big TriForce logo created by a guy named Triforce 🙂

I saw this girl who had these tattoos and I thought they were awesome. Okami on the left, Metroid on the right. She was previously mentioned and featured on an article on Nintendo Power (the 3DS cover issue).

There were a few cosplayers there but I decided not to take any of their pictures (no offense). But on our way out, there was this dude by the door where they held the contest and I thought that was a nice kodak moment.

I got a bunch of these cardboard flyers for Ocarina of Time 3DS. They gave them away at the event and they had a ton of them. Most people just just threw them though all over. If anyone would like to have one of these, please leave a comment. I will ship them free of charge anywhere in the world even if you live in Antarctica. Offer good while supplies last.


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