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3DO Complete Collection US Library

This is an epic collection. Nice 3DO lots are hard enough to find, but a complete US collection? Unheard of.

There have been maybe 3 or 4 large 3DO collections up for auction, but even the best of those were still 70 to 80 games short of a complete US library. Additionally, the games they did have were missing many of their long-boxes. They were also missing many of the rare titles.

To start with, this auction includes the ENTIRE US 3DO library – IN BOX. There are over 180 titles in this lot. Every 3DO game that was sold in long-box format is included in this auction WITH its long-box. As some collectors will know, there were a limited number of 3DO games that were not sold in long-box format, and those games are also included in this auction. These types of games include the Woody Woodpecker titles, the adult titles, the Tom Kite mail-in disk and various sampler/demo disks. Virtual Vivid is the one adult 3DO title which was never packaged with a sleeve or long-box. All of these non-long-box titles that were originally sold with cardboard sleeves include their respective sleeves in this auction. Again, every US 3DO release, demo, and sampler is included in this auction with its original box or sleeve.

Additionally, there are a number of games in this collection that are still factory sealed / brand new.

As can be seen in the pictures below, all of the rare US titles are accounted for. Some of the highlights include Dinopark Tycoon Boxed, Lucienne’s Quest Boxed, Woody Woodpecker 1, 2 and 3, all of the Adult titles with their cardboard sleeves, The 3DO Demonstration CD, Plumber’s Don’t Wear Ties Boxed, Mathemagics Boxed, Slopestyle Boxed, and so on.

Also included in this auction is a Complete in Box Panasonic FZ-1, the 3DO Flightstick Pro, the Memory add-on, the VCD adaptor, the Mouse, the Game Gun, the Arcade Stick and an extra 1st party Control Pad. All of these items are boxed in their original boxes as well.

Those of you who collect for the 3DO know just how rare an auction like this is. It can take MANY YEARS to put together a collection like this. Many of these items are extremely difficult to locate, and are even more difficult to find with their boxes or sleeves.

Auction Here


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the developers. It’s timed to end right before the Guild Wars 2 open
beta starts in a week. (Thanks DarkMarathon!)
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Mario and Yoshi SNES era Nintendo Salesman Employee Desk Paperweight
Game Boy Color Dragon’s Lair Complete PAL


Nintendo DSi XL Pokemon World 2010 – Sold for $355.00.
3 Ninjas Kick Back Game and Box Super Nintendo – Sold for $400.00.
Aero Fighters for Super Nintendo – Sold for $192.50.


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