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Nintendo Merchandise Galore

Seller your pal ducky has quite a lot of Nintendo memorabilia up for grabs, including the most Princess Peach related items I’ve ever seen from the same seller. Although, I do have to question the logic on adding the word “Hentai” to some of the Peach auction titles…..

In addition to the Peach love fest, there are a ton of items that are listed with cheap starting bids, including several things that are usually listed for overpriced BINs.

My favorites:

Vintage 1989 Paper Cups
Legend Of Zelda Enamel Link Pin
Kirby Enamel Pin
Sonic The Hedgehog Enamel Pin
Lot of 4 Nintendo Gamepacks Cards
Mario & Peach Holographic Car Sticker
Burger King Zelda Figure
Super Mario Pepsi Twist Gift Wrap
Large Lot Mario Pins
Mario & Bowser Bookends
1993 Nintendo Character Karts
1989 Mario & Koopa Figure – Koopa looks more like a plain turtle.
Gold Charms – Peach, Mario, Bowser and Raccoon Mario.
Yoshi Bobblehead
Some sort of set of Mario Capsule Toys – Sweet set.
Lot With Nintendo Power N64 Battle Cards
Vintage Nintendo Power Folder – Pretty sure I had one if these in Elementary school. Probably still in my attic somewhere.
SNES Era Nintendo Mario Playing Cards – These look unlicensed to me, but are nice anyways.

(Thanks ShovelThumb!)


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