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Laymans Guide to Nintendo Repair VHS

Back in the day, there were quite a number of companies that came out with unofficial VHS tapes and books on how to repair and refurbish NES and SNES systems. This Laymans Guide to Nintendo Repair by Electronix Corp. is one of those tapes! These are usually good for a laugh at the cheezy effects (if any are used) and horrible setup (this is what happens when there is no quality control in place), but once in a while you can learn some nifty tricks from them.Â

Super Mario TV Tray: For TV dinners…yum!
Mario & Luigi Pencil Sharpeners
Zelda Cereal Bowl
-Huge Newspaper and Magazine lot: Not close to worth the asking price in my opinion, but very cool to look at. It would be more entertaining if things weren’t cut out.

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