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A Brief Introduction, Nintendo Signs, NFRs and Promo Flyers

Hello everyone! Some of you may know me from other forums and some may not, but one thing is for certain: we all share a similar passion for the sought after, rare and just plain peculiar items of the videogaming world. My main realm of collecting lies within the niche of Authorized Nintendo Service Center items even though the true scope of my interest pertains to much more than just that. Anyhow, enough with introductions…here are some items I hope you may be interested in!

Nintendo World Class Service Plastic Sign (Sold: $560)

Super Mario LodgeNet Display Marquee -I knew LodgeNet was available for the N64 and GameCube, but judging by the controller on the sign it must have been around for the SNES as well. (Unsold)

NES Cheetahmen 2 Box -In the top 10 for rarest NES games, it’s actually more uncommon to find just the box or cartridge rather than complete. (Sold: $82)

NA Member supermarrio has a number of GameCube Kiosk Discs and DS NFR carts available at reasonable prices on their forum.

This seller has a large variety of E3/CES Promotional Flyers and Pins from the NES, Genesis, SNES and PS1 eras.


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