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ASCII PAD 64 Turbo Controller

Alright, I’m trying to figure out exactly what the deal with this controller is, so if you have any knowledge or ideas, please comment.

Last week, I ran across this auction (which the seller later ended early).

ascii pad 64 Nintendo 64 Official Turbo Controller Unique Color

To summarize:

For auction I have one of the rarest pieces from my own personal video game collection , an actual Official Nintendo 64 Turbo controller.. The only one I have ever seen! Unlike other turbo action controllers designed for the Nintendo 64 , this controller carries the Nintendo 64 Official Product Logo and is the exact same design as the other official controllers!

I purchased this controller at a garage sale years ago and have tried searching for another without any success.. even web searches were unable to uncover anything.. I myself am a video game and accessory collector , and I believe this controller to be extremely rare.

The controller itself looks just like the other clear colour controllers ( grape , ice blue etc ).. but is a unique clear pink colour.. It carries the ASCII logo at the top part of the front ( as far as i know ASCII made official products for Nintendo at one point ) It also carries the official Nintendo Logo in the same spot as all other Official controllers.

The controllers Turbo Functions are activated with the corresponding switches on the front of the controller , which can be set for multiple speeds very easily.. My last picture shows a recent test on the video game Mario Party – Set on Super Hard Mode.. Where I was able to beat all 3 opponents while getting over double the previous set record.

I had never seen this controller myself, so I was rather interested. After contacting the seller, they forwarded this info that another collector emailed them

Apparently ASCII was given permission by Nintendo to design a turbo controller for the N64. (ASCII made arcade sticks for the super nes that nintendo licensed ). From what I was told from another collector , the controllers were made in very limited numbers and given unique colors to seperate them from the other clear color controllers. For some reason though After they were completed Nintendo would not allow them to be mass produced. Still , they carry the official N64 Logo. The controller itself is exactly the same as the regular controllers down to every detail besides the turbo buttons which can be set to different speeds.. The collector that contacted me with this information did tell me that he was lucky enough to have the same controller as me but in clear black. He said what we both had was ” very rare “.

So, to me this implies that it’s a pre production controller. Not a prototype, but one that was completed prior to a full production run.

Looking around more, I find out this controller is most likely the ASCII Pad 64, a controller which was announced, but never saw the light of day. I even came across a 1999 article discussing the announcement.

Then, on Play Asia I find this page for the Japanese Version of the controller. Which given its presence on Play Asia, makes it look like it had an official release.

Looking further, I find this auction for a silver Japanese version on eBay.

ascii pad 64 nintendo 64 controller

Aside from color, I can’t see any huge difference in the controllers.

My question is this, is the first auction incorrect and this is just a Japanese controller, one which does seem to be relatively hard to find and is pretty nifty as well? I’m not completely sure, and I’m hoping one of you may have an idea.


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