15% Cashback From eBay

Bing (Microsofts new search engine) is currently running some sort of confusing back to school rebate promotion. They’re offering cashback on tons of sites, eBay included. They’ve been advertising 15%, but are currently offering 10% and increase it durring the promotion.

There’s more info on their Facebook page and Twitter.

You need to go to and type in an item until you get a link at the top that show a % discount on eBay. Click on it, you can then search for anything you want as long as it’s BIN. Once you buy it, you will get the stated discount. You should see a message at the top in eBay for the discount amount, if it’s not there you have an issue. After a BIN, you should get the rebate delivered to your Paypal.

I tried this for like twenty minutes and could not get it to work, so your results may vary.

Also, while we’re on the topic of Paypal. You may have missed this news:

Last month Paypal quietly began charging new fees to its customers who have personal accounts without actually notifying them of the change. The new fees apply to payments marked as “Goods” or “Services.” Such payments were previously free but will now be charged a fee of about 2.9% plus 30 cents. When confronted, Paypal claimed the new fees had been announced in email, news articles, and Paypal’s own blog. However that turned out to be untrue. The only thing mentioned in those announcements was Paypal’s decision to allow its customers with premium accounts to make personal transfers for free.


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