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Visitors to are typically males ranging between 14 and 40 in age. The vast majority of readers are actively involved in both retro and modern gaming, both as gamers and collectors.

Since the core purpose of GameSniped is to feature items that are available for purchase, we offer an extremely unique advertising option. Our readers visit the site expecting to find items for sale, and as such, they are very open to advertisements of gaming related products and services.

Our content frequently gets syndicated by larger more generalized gaming sites. In the past, we have been linked on sites such as Destructoid, Kotaku, Joystiq and the official Bungie blog. We have
also gained exposure on the G4/Tech TV show “Attack Of The Show”.

Current Advertising Slots

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There is a maximum of 10 125—125 to limit ad blindness
No flash, excessive blinking, or nudity
New advertisers start at bottom of list. This process rewards advertisers who renew as you can work your way up the list over time if other advertisers don’t renew.
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If you have a physical product/software/etc, we do offer unbiased reviews at no cost. Please contact us to discuss details.

Please also contact us to discuss other adverting options such as text links, sponsored posts, etc.


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So Cal Mike,

“Working with GameSniped was easy and efficient. Link was cooperative and was always around if I needed any changes or questions. We were glad to work with him.”
Teh Monitor