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The following lists shows the most watched items on eBay in the “Video Games” Category.

Most Watched Video Games

Most Watched XBox One Games and Consoles

Most Watched Playstation 4 Games and Consoles

Most Watched Wii U Games and Consoles

Most Watched MMO Games

Most Watched Accessories

Most Watched Retro Games and Consoles

Most Watched Rare Video Game Auctions

Most Watched Video Game Lots

14 Responses to “Most Watched”

  1. very rare items!

  2. lots of people are intrested in game & watches these days! lots of people are watching them and they go for alot of money!

  3. has anyone got a rare item called:VIRUS GAME WATCH??? its like a tamagotchi except its also a watch and its called a virus!

  4. i have game called:nintendo world championship…………anyone wanna buy??? i want $50 for it.

  5. I don’t know…$50 is a bit steep, how about $5 and 2 copies of duck hunt?

  6. sorry,accept $50 or nothing! its good deal! i will even include postage,free charge!

  7. Something is wrong with the merchandise section…

  8. Fixed. Seems eBay changed around some category numbers again.

  9. wow the selection is huge

  10. I am looking for the first Nox 2 disc at a “fair” price..Help…

  11. This now only shows BIN items. I have to look at the code as soon as possible and update.

  12. The “Most Watched Internet Games” section has a bunch of non-game related items.

  13. One of my companies,, has solved the BIN problem mentioned above. We use it on for Vintage (video) games: and for the International Arcade Museum’s list of eBay auctions: I have some thoughts for helping out this page but wasn’t sure how to easily reach Link.

  14. I hit submit, and am not sure if my comments reached you or not. Nothing shows up on the page. Please contact me. Thanks. Greg

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