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  • How to Become a Professional Gamer and Turn Your Passion Into Cash

    How To Become A Professional Gamer And Turn Your Passion Into Cash

    The global video gaming market includes PC gaming, mobile gaming, and console gaming and represents a $115.8 billion industry as of 2018. The video gaming sector includes not just the development, marketing and monetization of video games but also the production, distribution, and consumption of content generated by or derived from video games. What does […] More

  • GameCube Games

    Best Underrated GameCube Games – Sixth-Generation Release By Nintendo

    Best Underrated GameCube Games The Nintendo GameCube shouldn’t be forgotten among the more famous and better selling Nintendo systems. The GameCube console was the sixth-generation release by Nintendo, and faced off against the better selling, and more powerful, Playstation 2 and Xbox.image via: NintendoThe Xbox and Playstation 2 came with a built-in DVD player and used discs that were […] More

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    The Best Nintendo N64 Fighting Games

    It’s hard to imagine that the n64 fighting games has been around for 21 years. When it came out, the industry was opened to a new generation of 3D gaming. That meant every type of game was able to be distributed with 3D technology, elevating graphics for the time. With this new technology came new games […] More

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    Where to Get a Replacement Atari Jaguar Controller

    So, it finally happened.The earth shattering, life-changing event that everyone dreads: your Atari Jaguar controller broke. What does that mean for you? No worries, as the standard controller will set you back a couple bucks. But what happens if it was a coveted Pro controller? Most likely you’ll have to fork over some cash to find […] More

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    The Best Nintendo N64 Racing Games Ever Released

    The Nintendo 64 may just have some of the best racing games a console can offer. Yes, we said it. The N64 racing games is worth a lengthy review.  The N64 housed plenty of great games, across multiple different genres, but racing was one of its biggest draws. The definitive party console, at the time, no […] More

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    Game Spotlight: Battle Kid Fortress of Peril

    Homebrew: a term that defines a video game Battle Kid Fortress of Peril that was created for a specific platform, by an individual or team of developers. Some homebrew games can be great, while others fall squarely short of expectations. Most of the joy, though, for the developers comes from simply completing the project. Think about […] More

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    The Best Underrated PS2 Games

    It’s safe to say that during its time on this planet, the PlayStation 2 was a powerhouse for gaming content. Providing a much-warranted upgrade from the PlayStation 1, the PS2 captured the global video game audience. It was available to buy at retailers for 13 years, making it one of the longest console releases ever. It […] More

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    The Top SNES Hidden Gems

    Every console, whether it was around for 10 years or two, has hidden games that developed some sort of cult following or were missed by the masses. Every. Single. Console. If you’re a gamer, you know what we’re talking about. It’s the unfortunate truth, and today it’s an even bigger problem than back in the day. However, […] More

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    The 10 Best SNES RPGs of All Time

    The Super Nintendo is still considered by many to be the premier platform. For role-playing games, this is the system that changed how we play story games. If there’s a Golden Age of RPGs, you can believe that it happened on the SNES. But whether you’ve dug out your old SNES. Grabbed a Super Nintendo Classic, or […] More

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    Best Dreamcast Games

    The Sega Dreamcast often gets a bad rap among gamers and critics. Even so, the Best Dreamcast games was home to memorable games that have gone on to legendary status with critics and fans. Some of the criticism is earned. Sega lost a lot of goodwill from gamers after the disastrous Sega 32X and Sega CD […] More

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