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Video Game Wholesale Lots and More Retro Game News

We all have our favorite vintage consoles. Those trusty machines that comforted us in our youth. For me it was the NES. I still have my original system and a huge lot of games that I can’t seem to let go. When I’m asked why I keep it, the only response I can come up with is, “Well, it still works!”

Anytime I pass a title that I don’t have at a yard sale or thrift shop, I’m quick to scoop it up! So in the spirit of collecting and hoarding old games I thought I’d compile a list of large video game wholesale lots.

Vintage/Retro Video Game Lot (Atari through PS1) – This is a big one! A massive, eclectic collection of Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and Atari games!

Video Game Lot of 40 Sega Genesis Titles – Need to kickstart a Genesis collection for a reasonable rate? Get 40 games for $100. That’s less than $3 per game!

Huge Wholesale LOT 200 PS1 Games – Huge 200 lot collection of Lightspan, educational games for the PS1

Lot of 28 Original XBOX Games MINT CONDITION! – Seller claims the games are in pristine condition. Most include manuals/CIB. Bidding is currently around the $20 mark!

Lot of 74 Atari Game Cartridges Only – Bidding currently at $41. Reserve not met and 2 hours left!!

Lot of 12 NES Games Tested

42 GameBoy Advance Games – BIN is set at $100 but seller may negotiate. Cartridge only.

Wholesale Lot of 27 Gamecube Games

Massive Wholesale Lot of Mixed Games – PS2, PS3, GameBoy Advance, etc. – Step up your game! This mixed lot of PS2, PS3, GBA, and Xbox 360 games should provide wonderful material for your collection.

Lot of 23 SNES Games w/ Game Genie

Sega Master System Lot of 19 Games – BIN at $100 with the option to negotiate

Commadore Vic 20 Lot – System and Games – Awesome bargain. Everything just $1!! However, console doesn’t work perfectly. The cartridge slot is a bit loose and games may accidentally disconnect.

Besides current auctions for video game lots there are a couple of other topics that I’d like to mention.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the RetroGameCon 2015 at the New York State Fairgrounds this past weekend. It was a rousing success as classic video games were brought back to life. There was a free play area with everything from Pac-Man to Mario 3, and Goldeneye to House of the Dead. And to go along with the competitive pinball action this year there was a “Kids Only” tournament for participants 14 and under. This truly is an event everyone can enjoy! I can’t wait for the next RetroGameCon!

And on a sad note, the crowdfunding for the Retro VGS ended on Indiegogo on November 3rd, falling well short of its goal (much to the surprise of almost no one).

For those unfamiliar with it, please check out our preview from this past summer. The genesis of the Retro VGS console came from industry professionals who were tired of today’s connectivity and update requirements needed just to sit down and enjoy a game. The console is meant to meld two eras in video game history – cartridge games meet USB interfaces/HD connections. It was an exciting venture that sadly appears to have come to an end. Or has it?

The crowdfunding goal was perhaps an unreachable one. They were trying to raise $2 million dollars but raised just $80,000. There just isn’t enough support to raise that kind of capital. However, I do think they have a cool product. I just don’t know how they can justify the price when it’s so easy to download some great indie titles digitally. It would be cool if they could custom order each console, but again, I have a feeling that the price would be more than most could bear. I wish them luck as they try to find a new avenue in which to bring the Retro VGS to fruition. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this project and reporting back to you as it progresses.


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