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Mini Review: GameBoy Case for iPhone 4

eBay is pretty much a dumping ground for all things accessories. I needed a new case for my iPhone so I went on and found these GameBoy Silicone cases. In the pictures, they looked amazingly detailed. The prices, like always, are all over the place with these things because there’s many different sellers selling them. But I eventually found a seller that listed them for $4.50 shipped (from Hong Kong). So here’s what it looks like:

The case came packaged with a front screen protector. The screen protector is not really all that great but it is nice if you just want something cheap. All the detail in the case is carved and embossed so it doesn’t really feel cheap at all. If you’re in need of a new case for your iPhone 4 and you want something that’s cheap and awesome-lookin’, for $4.50 I think these are a great buy.

This is just a comparison picture. On the right is the Etsy case I got a while back.

While were on the topic of GameBoy, here’s a Gameboy Walkie Talkie (or Walkie Talkie Boy).

Update: The case is definitely nice but the screen protector that came with it is a different story. It is very very thin. If you have a screen protector already on, I suggest leaving that on instead of installing the one that came with the case. It’s also proportionally off enough that it would ruin it after a day or two.




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