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Old Video Games Merchandise and Other Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you gotten all of the new and old video games on that special someone’s wishlist? One suggestion that I have if you live around or are visiting the New York City area this holiday season is the Nintendo World Store located in the historic Rockefeller Center. Not only can you check out all of the latest titles available from Nintendo, but you can also pick up exclusive Nintendo World Store merchandise and check out the History of Super Mario display. There is really something for everyone! And for the three days following Christmas (December 26-28) you can chat with Mario and Luigi LIVE in Real Time and find out what life is like in the Mushroom Kingdom! You never know what you’ll run into while you are there! 

On a different topic we wanted to give you an update on the Retro VGS. You might remember we ran a post on the Retro VGS back in June. Last month, we reported that their crowdfunding attempt came up well short of its goal. For those unfamiliar with it, the Retro VGS is a new console designed to play new cartridge based games as well as old video games from the 8, 16, and 32-Bit eras. Now it appears that instead of going by the Retro VGS moniker, the system will now be called Coleco Chameleon. The copyright holder of the Coleco brand name has thrown in with this project. They’re hoping that with this new found name recognition the Chameleon will release in 2016 and will be shown at the Toy Fair New York expo this coming February. As always, we’ll keep you informed as to any additional information or updates as it becomes available!

If you’re itching for some cool retro stuff and your local vintage game store just doesn’t have what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a few interesting auctions currently up on the ‘bay:

Vintage Nintendo Watches and Game Turtle Bay Hand Held – From 1982 this is one of the first handheld games on the market. A real collectible! This is a brand new CIB, however the box does show some wear due to its age. You may find cheaper listings on Ebay. But, those listings won’t be brand new like this one!

Donkey Kong Hockey Nintendo Game & Watch – This isn’t new like the previous item, but it’s still a pretty cool item!  Comes with two controllers that are attached to the unit. I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

2 Old Stock 1978 Granada Colorsport VIII Pong TV – Comes with all accessories and boxes. Item is brand new but untested.

Bally Basic 6002 Astrocade Videocade – New in box! From 1978, this computer programmer was designed to let you create your own computer games, electronic music, and video art.

Game Boy Advance SP Limited Edition – Typically sell for slightly over $100. The listing we’ve been eyeing is for the Classic Nintendo Edition. Listing is new in box and includes six games.

Mario Teaches Typing – The popularity of Mario led to several educational games featuring the world’s most famous plumber! This is a brand new factory sealed copy of the 1992 title.

NIB NES System for Sale – This item is completely NIB. Some minor wear on the box, but everything is still packaged in the original plastic.

Here are some interesting listings on video game auction site Be sure to check this website out. It includes everything from classic video games to video game merchandise/memorabilia.

Apple IIGS Computer Plus Extras – Includes 5.25 disk drive, 3.5 disk drive, Apple IIGS books and manuals, keyboard, power cords, and monitor stand (but no monitor).

Pac-Man Plexiglass Video Game Marquee – This is a very cool and very vintage collectible. The Pac-Man sign is 23″ x 9″ and dates back circa 1980. Own a piece of videogame history!

The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall – This is CIB. Very rare! The disc is in mint condition. Truly a great find for you classic Bethesda collectors!

Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds Game – For the Apple II. This is a very rare version.

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