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Rare Indiana Jones Limited Edition XBOX 360

This is a black console with a painted Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull design, given away in a US sweepstakes. It was limited to five systems.

Auction Here

(Thanks Nacho & Sam!)


Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D + Pre-Order Item Set – One like this sold last month for $290.00. (Thanks Pol!)
Pokemon Platinum Bag – Rare Nintendo World exclusive, available exclusively at the NYC Nintendo World Store launch party back in March of 2009. (Thanks Dan!)


Nintendo Dolphin Gamecube Development KitComes as pictured with the MAC and PC emulators. It comes with the 4 manuals pictured and a letter to ED Logg (the designer of Asteroids and tons of other games for Atari/Midway). Also included are two Power PC manuals. Comes in the original box, addressed to ED Logg at Midway Milpitas. Sold for $442.77. (Thanks Adam!)
GBA E3 Promo e-Reader Cards (Sealed) – Sold for $98.77.
Sealed NES French Controller Blister – Bids up to $108.62 and reserve not met.


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