Assassin’s Creed Revelations EZIO Limited Developers Bust

Nice little item, limited to 220 pieces (worldwide) and given only to developers. Assassin’s Creed items tend to fetch decent coin as well.

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Pokemon Champagne Flutes – Pikachu engraved on it, was to commemorate the opening of the 1st Pokemon movie.
Resident Evil Code Veronica PAL German Release – According to seller it’s the rarest PAL DC title.
Resident Evil 6 Promo Press Kit – Includes a sealed copy of the XBOX 360 game, a metal collectors tin, a newspaper, two Polaroids, a “No Hope Left” poster, a DVD with promotional info, and two analog stick covers.
Super Nintendo Fun ‘N’ Games
Super Nintendo SNES Factory Sealed Illusion Of Time
Big Box Donkey Kong Country 2 SNES Super Nintendo Complete
Double Factory Misprint New Super Mario Bros Wii – No idea is this is actually rare or not. Factory misprint which left the Wii logo off the front as well as omitted it on the spine of the case.
Prototype 2 Steelbook
Rare XBOX 360 Faceplate Lot – Madden XX NFL Collectors Edition, Microsoft Xbox LIVE Arcade 2009 (created for staff who worked on the Xbox LIVE Arcade project during 2009), Microsoft Prototype (created and was displayed in the round windows at E3 2005), Prey (made for E3 2006 and was placed onto the Xbox 360 consoles that were demoing the game), Need For Speed: Pro Street (contest prize for playing in a NFS:PS weekend tournament over Xbox LIVE), US Launch Team “I Made This” (given to members of the US launch team).
NFS Most Wanted Steelbook
Uncharted 3 Steelbook
Dead Island Steelboox
Mass Effect 3 Custom Faceplate
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Steelbook
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Steelbook
Dreamcast Collection (No. 750) SEGA Vinyl Record – Only released in Australia in very very limited quantity.
Mega Drive Collection (No. 225) SEGA Vinyl Record – Only released in Australia and the UK in very very limited quantity.
Brand New Frog Feast Dreamcast (Limited Edition 011/100) – Only 100 copies have been made, and because of this low quantity the publisher (Oldergames) decided to burn the discs instead of pressing silver discs.
Metal Gear Solid 2 THE TRAILER – Rare Japanese DVD feat. ‘the’ E3 trailer. This unique (exclusive to the Japanese market) DVD contains ‘the trailer’ which made quite the impact during it’s first play at the E3 2000.
Prince of Persia (2008) Concept Art Canvas (485/511)
Sealed Pokemon Green Japanese Pokemon Blue

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