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Atari 2600 13 Autographed Game Lot

Atari 2600 13 autographed gameOver the years I have had some very special games. Some very rare games. Games that were worth over a thousand dollars. But of all the things I have sold over the years, probably this will be the hardest. The price these will go for will be nowhere near my most valuable things I have sold, but they have sentimental value to me because I had them autographed by the programmers. If times were going better for me I would not sell these games, but alas, some times you are forced to sell. Well I sold many things before I decided to put these up for sale. So they are one of the last Atari 2600 items for me to sell.

Up for auction are 13 different Atari 2600 games that are boxed, and three that are sealed that have been autographed by the programmers, or at least the arcade equivalent. I got all the autographs from the CGE Expo that is held in Vegas every odd year now.

They are:

Barnstorming Autographed by Steve Cartwright front
Battlezone (Sealed) Autographed by Roger Hector. He did not program this for the Atari 2600, but he did help program Battlezone the arcade game.
Dragster with David Crane’s autograph
Fishing Derby with David Crane’s autograph
Freeway with David Crane’s autograph
Keyston Kapers: Autographed by Gary Kitchen
Megamania: Autographed by Steve Cartwright. He was in a hurry, and so he forgot to put the r in his last name.
Pele’s Soccer: Autographed by Steve Wright
Sprint Master (Sealed) Autographed by Robert Polero.
Outlaw: Box is in great condition with David Crane’s autograph
Star Voyager (Sealed) Autographed by Bob Smith.
Video Pinball Autographed by Bob Smith.
Warlords: Autographed by Roger Hector.

Auction Here

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