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alt_logo_gameboySteve has been an advertiser on the site for quite some time and runs an Retro slash Online Store in the Netherlands.

His site is super impressive because he has a ton of inventory CIB and in great condition. Over 7,500+ games in stock ranging from NES, Vectrex, PS1 and evey nother retro system. He carries all formats, including Pal-A, Pal-B and NSTC.

Super impressive stuff in his eBay store right now, including:

NWC Nintendo World Championships 1990 NES #0020 – Number on the cart is #0020 lowest number ever found?
Mega Man 5 NES Nintendo Prototype and a second Mega Man 5 NES Nintendo Prototype

The online store has some impressive Limited Editions including:

Gameboy Advance Volkswagen Gift Set
SNES Batman Forever Woolworths Set
Sega Master System “Sega Sales Rep Case”
Gameboy Advance SP Console Pokemon Sapphire Version Limited Edition Super Pak
NES Turtles Controle Deck – One of my favorite items I own personally.

Check out Steves site today!

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