GTA Mania!

To commemorate the recent momentous release of Grand Theft Auto V, let’s look at a few Grand Theft Auto promo items from past to present.

GTA V Grand Theft Auto V Press Kit Items – Even parts of this press kit are selling for super-high prices right now. Includes a T-shirt, stickers, magnet, and coveted gold-painted flash drive

GTA IV Grand Theft Auto 4 Collectors Edition Lock Box Art Book – A jam-packed GTAIV art book packaged in an awesome lockbox-style container

Grand Theft Auto III GTA official promotional Louisville Slugger baseball bat – Can’t get much more authentic than a genuine Louisville Slugger. Roll down the street and pop some mailboxes with this bad boy


Other Auctions:

Nintendo 64 (Gold) Console – JP only all-gold model of the N64. #swag, anyone?

City of Heroes gold boxing gloves – Another gold item, this time a promotional boxing glove for the late MMORPG City of Heroes. Longtime players may want this item to commemorate their fallen game

Famicom Console AV Version JP – The “AV” version of the Famicom is widely considered the best version of the system ever made. The original toploading model of the Famicom and NES suffered from dreadful RF composite out with no RCA AV out alternative. This issue was addressed with the AV version you see here. I personally have heard rumors that a redesign of the North American NES-101 with AV outputs was made available near the end of the NES’s lifespan in very limited quantities, but I’ve never seen anything to confirm it as true

Sammy Jissen Pachi Slot Controller Black Model Playstation 2 – One of the more bizarre console peripherals I’ve seen, this one apparently is meant to emulate the interface of a pachislot machine. Made by Sammy (pre-Sega Sammy merger) for the PS2

Nintendo Comics system comic books issues #1 to 9  – Issues 1 through 9 of Valiant’s first Nintendo-themed comic, Nintendo Comics System. This particular set is an odd duck in that it didn’t cover one particular franchise, jumping around issue to issue. Valiant did publish dedicated Captain N, Super Mario Bros., and Legend of Zelda comics as well


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