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I know we normally link to eBay auctions, and with reason. That’s where we usually find the rarest stuff. There are a lot of differnt resources around however for buying used video games from online retail stores. That that link for example, JJGames.

Looking through their inventory I see they have copy of the SNES game Peace Keepers for $152.25. I go: “Huh?” I remember the title, but I don’t remember it being that valuable. A quick check at DP shows it’s a R4.

A check on eBay shows however that JJGames is a Powerseller, and they have the only copy of Peace Keepers listed on eBay.

Is this some sort of sleeper super rare? I know for the NES, the DP guide is kind of out of date for some of the rarity and prices. However, I checked a few alternate rarity guides and they all show the game as being not that rare. Definitely something you should keep an eye out for if you’re a SNES collector.

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