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1994 SNES & Game Boy Retailer Videos

This is a pretty nifty item, and I’m tempted to buy them – rip the content to a PC – and use it as posts for this site.

Three VHS taps that were used as promo loops in stores.

The first, Donkey Kong Country Exposed, is a 12 minute 1994 preview tape that includes the making of Donkey Kong Country.

The second, Super Mario World 2 – A Magical Tour of Yoshi’s Island, is a 5 minute preview tape of the title.

The third tape (simply titled GamePlay Promo) is about 30 minutes and loaded with Nintendo commercials. Some featured are Super Metroid, NBA Jam, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Mario Paint, Stunt Race FX, the Super Game Boy Adapter (plus numerous games) and many others.

Pretty cheap for $4.99.


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