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Atarimax Ultimate SD Multi-Cart for Atari 5200

The Ultimate SD is an SRAM based Multi-Cart for the Atari 5200 and includes a 50 MIPS onboard CPU, advanced upgradable hardware logic, 512KB of SRAM and 128KB of block flash. Preordering just began at at $129.95 per kit and the inital order run is limited to 100 units. Shipments should be starting 03/18/2011.

The kit includes the following:

* Atarimax Ultimate SD Cartridge for Atari 5200
* Surprise BONUS 5200 Homebrew! (See Below)
* Surprise BONUS Three NEW 5200 Conversion Titles! (See Below)
* 32MB or Greater SD Card (Pre-Orders shipping with 512MB SD Card)
* Menu Software (Pre-loaded and ready to use on SD Card)
* Free Firmware Upgrades and Technical Support
* Real Lifetime Warranty

Order page here and AA discussion thread here.

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