Barcode Battle Super Famicom / Famicom Lot

The Barcode Battler II, released by Epoch in 1992, was released as a follow-up to the mildly successful original Barcode Battler. One of the major upgrades of the BBII model is that it had an output port for the Famicom and Super Famicom, allowing it to interface with Famicom or Super Famicom games designed with the BBII in mind. In this situation, it served strictly as a barcode reader, and could be used to scan cards included with a compatible game. This auction contains not only a BBII, but also two games that supported it (and many cards).

Auction Here

Other Items:

Summer Carnival ’92 Recca Famicom – Another Summer Carnival scoring contest game, this time a special edition of Recca for the Famicom. Box included

Red Dead Redemption TNT Dynamite Candle – A… dynamite candle? One of the more outlandish video game promo items in recent memory. Explosions are probably not included

1998 Nintendo Zelda Ocarina of Time Bag Suit Case – I have no idea why this bag is so hotly contested. Perhaps it’s the cute Hylian Shield buckle?

Nintendo Fun Club News Vol.1 No.1 Winter 1987 – The very first issue of Nintendo Fun Club News, the predecessor to Nintendo Power

1991 SUPER MARIO NINTENDO PEPSI STORE DISPLAY SIGN  – Pepsi and Mario unite in yet another ad, this one featuring a contest with a Super Nintendo as a grand prize

Final Fantasy The Spirits Within Movie Seiko Watch – One of the only promo items I’ve seen for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, also known as “The Monster That Ate Squaresoft”



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