Biohazard Resident Evil 5th Anniversary Japanese Nightmare Box

I’ve actually throught of picking this up a few times due to it’s awesomness. I’ll let the seller describe:

I am selling my like new Biohazard 5th Anniversary Nightmare box set. I imported this from japan several years ago as a collectors item. Its rare that they sell these days with the outer sash, as well as the Biohazard logo branded bag. The bag has suffered some minor cosmetic damage over the years and one of the feet on the case itself was damaged lightly during shipping. I have provided pictures to show these areas. This set is very hard to come by now and is very sought after, for the fact that the Playstation 1 discs have custom branding which is exclusive to this release. This is numbered 2795/10,000 See the pictures below!

Biohazard 5th anniversary box set with the following contents:

Cardboard box and 5th Anniversary bag
Aluminum case with obi strip
Bio Hazard (SLPM 86770) with manual
Biohazard 2 Dual Shock Ver. (SLPM 86771~2) with manual
Biohazard 3 Last Escape (SLPM 86773) with manual
Wesker’s Report DVD (CAPJ-10322)
Biohazard ball point pen
Biohazard dog tag
Biohazard disc case
Biohazard finger ring (in a little bag)
Biohazard key ring
Keys to the case
Strap for the case
5th anniversary coin (hidden behind one of the pouches)
Padding materials

The box set is limited to 10,000 copies, as shown by the dog tag and number plate inside the case which is numbered from 00001 to 10000. The three PS1 games come in a blue 5th anniversary disc holder, and the three manuals come in a clear plastic bag. Manual and disc artwork are similar to the artwork of the original games, but the discs come with special 5th anniversary text, and new catalog numbers. The new catalog numbers are also written on the manuals.

The aluminum case comes in a white fabric bag for protection, inside a cardboard box. Some copies, if not all originally, also came with 5th Anniversary bags. An obi strip is wrapped around the case.

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