Uncharted 3: Play It First AMC Theatres Event Swag Bags

Developer Naughty Dog recently held a handful of events at select AMC theatres across the US to promote its upcoming game Uncharted 3. The events were dubbed Uncharted 3: Play It First in 3D.

People that attended did indeed get to play the game on the big screen and in 3D. Additionally, some participants were lucky enough to also receive swag bags.

As you might imagine, those bags and their contents have now made their way to the marketplace. The swag includes an Uncharted 3-branded drawstring bag, a card with exclusive AMC-branded DLC (for use in the game), a replica of Drake’s Uncharted 3 journal, a replica of Drake’s leather wrist cuff, and a few other items.

The AMC Uncharted 3 swag bags can be found here.

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