Bit Music Synth & DEV stuff


Should have been used to promote the game.

Genesis Game Factory cart

No, this is not a proto. And afaik the Game Factory system has been mass produced in the USA. Right?

This seller, dazcomltd, has some pretty interesting DEV stuff & test games!

WARNING! ProgrammingAce said:
Retail Test implies just that. It’s a standard retail copy of the game. It looks like someone just took a P-Touch labeler and put “Retail Test” on the case…

I also get the impression that the Gamecubes are just retail units, I can’t be sure from the pics though.

It looks like someone threw a mod chip in that Dev Xbox (the crystal one). That would explain the DVD remote dongle, since the Dev kits can’t watch DVD’s on their own.

The green debug xbox says “no internal parts”. Nice!

And the black one obviously doesn’t have anything in it.

Wouldn’t touch any of those with a 10 ft pole.

Debugger & Development Xbox!

Two GameCube debuggers (not NR Readers!)

Three “retail test” games, one of them is Halo!


And now something weird and only partially VG-related:

Axe Keytar Zontar

Homemade “Analog Synth Theremin Midi Controller”, straight from the videogaming culture!
You should read the description. If it’s real, i’d love to test it!

…and for everyone that didn’t come to the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, I suggest you to check the great sounds made by 8Bit Weapon! Me and my friend Federico just loved them. And when you see them live, playing in real time whith a symple Game Boy Camera, a C64 and some vintage synth…well, you understand how serius they are (and how nice are the 2 girls!)

Written by Nicola

Nicola, the Italian search engine over eBay...collects videogames from 1992.


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