What I haven’t seen lately on eBay: A Seattle Mariners Limited Edition White DS Lite

I’ve been on a lookout for one of these ever since I saw this back in 2007. I saw plenty of sealed and MIB listings around that time. My interest kind of faded away through time until I stumbled upon it again while searching for something on Google. I wish I have a link to eBay for an auction, but unfortunately I don’t at this time. I’m sure someone out there will once they see this *HINT HINT*

In case some of you didn’t know (how can you not?!), Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners baseball team. In 2007 they offered these Limited Edition White Mariners DS Lite for about $158. As far as I know it was only available at Safeco Field, Mariners home field in Seattle. I don’t know exactly how many of these were made and for how long they had it up for sale but considering there hasn’t been one for nearly 2 years means that they probably made them in limited numbers. So the next time you visit your local game stores, take a glace at those White DS Lites maybe one day you’ll find one.

Another interesting (sort of related) thing about Safeco Field is the ability to access the Fan Network through your Nintendo DS. They started to offer this last year at opening day and loaned 150 Nintendo DSi’s to those who wanted to try the Fan Network (free until June of last year). You can sit and relax and order food and beverages on your DS. A very cool way to be lazy i might add..

Aside from the couch potato privileges, you can also play a Mariners Trivia game and ESPN Zoom Puzzle. Through the network only, you can listen to the game in closed captioned announcements and even use it as a radio. It would be nice to offer this at every baseball field but i’m pretty sure it’s pricey. The website that explains the service,, no longer exist. Who knows if they will offer this again for this years season at Safeco Field.


Seattle Times

The Tanooki


Sven posted a comment:

“I bought one of these NIB at SafeCo Field in October of 2009. As far as I can tell they are either still in production or quite unpopular. Rumor has it they only made 2000, but I find that hard to believe. There was a small charge on the battery when I opened it at the ballpark. They are still the same price as a new DS.”


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