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Video Game Stickers!

Even though it doesn’t have a really cool and catchy name like some of the more common phobias out there, I will admit that I have a mild fear of stickers. I think my affliction stems from the fact that when I was younger, one of the kids in my class put a sticker on my back and I never even noticed it until I got home…it freaked me out a bit that I had something on me I wasn’t aware of that likely made people take notice and chuckle to themselves about it. Thankfully, my aversion is very mild: I have no issues with using tape or any other item that has an adhesive on it, I can look at stickers, use them without a second thought. It’s just when other people are around me with stickers that I become a bit uneasy, and I feel I have to keep a close eye on them to make sure I don’t get ‘stuck’. Weird.

Scratch & Sniff Donkey Kong/Jump Man Stickers:Â Some prime smells of the early 80’s here: Coconut and Cedar, Watermelon and Licorice, Bubble Gum and Root Beer, Chocolate and Lime! (Sold: $22.39)
Mello Smello SMB Stickers: These look awesome! (Sold: $5)
Official Nintendo Stick-Ons: I think these were used in conjunction with the Sticker Book with Rob on the cover.Â
SMB, Metroid, Zelda NES era Sticker Sheet
Shiny SMB2 and Zelda Stickers
Q*Bert Stickers
Ms. Pac-Man Stickers (Sold: $22.72)
Zaxxon Stickers
Sonic Sticker Set

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