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Bungie Original Halo Concept Art

I’ve been AWOL for a couple of days, so will try to do a ton of posting over the next few. By far the most unique thing on my watch list are these charity auctions by Bungie with the proceeds going to Child’s Play. Prices aren’t cheap, ranging from $300 – $4000. The majority are origional concept pieces used in game development. There is also a UNSC Battle Rifle used in one of the live action Halo 3 promos (which is awesome by the way, watch it).

These concept pieces represent the characters, places, and artifacts that populate Bungie’s universe in their most primordial form, serving as the foundational ideas that paved the way to the finished work. They are all original, one of a kind works of art. It is our hope that they will be as cherished by a collector as they have been by our studio.

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