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C64 Multi Cart Selector

c64 multi cart selectore commodore 64 Now, I know absolutely nothing about the Commodore 64. So obviously I don’t know much about this item.

All I know is that HESWARE was once a hardware and software developer who at one point in time was the largest producer of software for the Commodore 64.

This item looks to be a multi cart selector that was either used in house or in a display kiosk. Most like the former in my mind, given the overall design/functionality of the item. Nicola is wondering if it might have been an experiment for a home release, as he thinks it’s odd they went though the trouble of branding it with their logo. It might just be a cheap sticker stuck there or something however.

Whatever it is, it looks like an interesting item if you’re into these type of items, or the C64 in general.

If you have any more info, or ideas, please comment to share it with us.

Link ($5.00 with one day left)

This is most likely a Vic-20 Multiplexer, a much more common and less exciting item.


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