Captain N is the man!

Captain N was a pretty big hit when it came out back in the day, though oddly enough, no merchandise was ever made for the series. The show was basically about a kid that gets sucked into his TV while playing Punchout in order to save the video game universe from the evil Mother Brain. Along the way he travels to various video game lands and meets many of the characters within those games. It was hokey and basically just a running advertisement to get kids to want all the NES games they would show (and the Gameboy system), but there was something magical about it to many.Â

This display that is currently up for auction is expensive, but would definitely be worth it if you’re a Captain N fan and wanted something unique for your gameroom. I would say you’d be very hard pressed to find another sign like it.

Captain N Animation Cells
Captain N Cosplay Jacket
Captain N Comic Books:Â I think there were only 5 issues in this series and the stories are actually quite a bit different from the show.


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