Caption Contest #3: Plank till you’re fired

Before joining gameSniped last year, I had been going to Nintendo World Events since they started to announce them online. It’s an event that pays off eventually. A year ago or so, I decided not to go and what did they give away that day? BAND HERO BAND KITS FOR THE WII! I was pissed.. So I try not to miss any events since then.

With that said, I found a pair of Wii Music drum sticks that I got back when they had a launch event. I had a bunch of them but we used it for Rock Band drummin’. I didn’t know I had another pair. But i’ve decided to give it away rather than use it. Unfortunately I only have one of these so there will only be one winner.

Caption This

The new internet meme they’ve come up with these days is called Planking – a stupid sport where they lay down still while some idiot takes a picture of them.

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