Cheap Super Famicom Box Nintendo Hotel System Console

Clearing out a few submissions here.

I forget how much these go for, but for $150 I’m mighty tempted. Seller has several, from $150 to $270. (Thanks ProtonX)

Super Mario Kart Factory Sealed

FF2 Prototype Gameboy(Thanks Noyac). – This prototype is a pre-final release version, as the opening title screen differs from the one used in the retail version.

Playstation 1 PS1 Prototype Keyboard (Thanks Noyac).

This auction is for the SCPH-2000 PS1 keyboard/mouse prototype adapter as seen in the pictures above. This prototype is numbered 0008. I am not so sure games were ever released that would use this device and it is a prototype so with that being said it is untested and is being sold as is.

Sonic Championship Arcade – $500 (Cottage Grove, WI) on Craigslist. More info on the game here.

CDi Zelda: Link The Faces of Evil Promo Copy Nintendo (Thanks Richard)

Metal Gear NES Signed by creator Hideo Kojima (Thanks LoserDork)

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